We handle the entire backend enabling it to be the store and sell solutions to the farmer


Stofresh is a companion you can always count on to provide you what you need right when you need it


At Stofresh, we ensure that our users get access to safe products and services on both ends


Being a basic need, we strongly believe that access to quality fresh produce should be convenient

How we get it done

In our bid to recreate Africa's fresh food supply chain for people and planet, we maintain a keen focus on afew things

Farmer First

Stofresh takes a farmers' first approach to addressing the fresh food supply chain.

Direct Link

We believe that connecting the farmer and the consumer directly is the best way to get it done.

Shared Facilities

Sharing is a great way to cut costs. We therefore give farmers access to cold storage affordably.

Introducing Trust

We enable the consumer to trace their fresh food to the exact farmer and farm of origin to build trust.

Meet the Team

Behind the solutions that Stofresh is offering is a team of passionate and talented individuals willing to make it work

Charles Oyamo


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